Here is your chance!!!

Have a look at what GUINDA offers to anyone who wants to do some serious business in modeling!!!

GUINDA is the first ever agency dealing with artistic events and spreading its action throughout Greece.


GUINDA offers to its customers-clients all animate as well as inanimate data so that they can best organize or work-out their events, parties, shows, advertising-advertisements, spots and any other types of spectacles and/or artistic activities.


GUINDA offers to its members-models the most efficient publicity possible as well as the chance to showcase themselves on a 24hr basis through a website of general artistic interest, approached by all Greek PRESS, businessmen and people of interest invloved in the entertainment industry.


In addition, GUINDA also offers to its members-models, management services and assists them in improving their skills, while also offering a great deal of advertising and promotional support. GUINDA will create the scene with any means possible and a canal of communication with important persons of social standing in showbiz.


Furthermore, GUINDA organizes seminars, events, acquaintance parties, excursions, educational workshops (eg theatrical groups, photoshoots, fashion-shows, beauty contests, music recordings, live musical shows etc). 


GUINDA is without a doubt a wide artistic community aiming at absorbing artists for high quality jobs while offering the opportunity to them to unfold their skills. GUINDA's members are brought closer together inbuilding bonds of friendship and strong cooperative teams so that they can thrive at what they like or are good at, in the most creative way possible.

"How can I be a member of GUINDA?"

If you feel confident and aware of your talents, skills and appearance (body, face or both) and you are willing to work hard, using your social and communication skills please get in contact with us at the following numbers:

Company:(+30)213. 0322. 612

You can also book an appointment with us or fill in the casting form at .

You can also contact us via e-mail to the following addresses:


GUINDA is always open to young and talented contributors!

If you are longing for your moment in the 'lime-light'; if you are someone who takes great pleasure in being creative; if you really want to start your career in Public Relations (PR), GUINDA is waiting for you to get in touch!

"I am an artist! What can GUINDA really offer me?"

GUINDA is the first specialized agency that takes over the evaluation as well as the development of your talents while also promoting you in achieving employment success. 


GUINDA will showcase your skills in the best manner, and promote you at every possible opportunity to the people who will reveal interest in you and those actively involved in the PRESS and fashion industry (newspapers, magazines, TV channels, businessmen, music producers, recording companies, stage managers, production companies, advertising companies either in Greece or abroad).


GUINDA organizes special events and competitions carefully designed for the promotion of its members, such as beauty contests, musical, dance or acting competitions, confronting popular members in critical committees as well as dealing with high level sponsors as supporters of their events.


GUINDA promotes its members to every audition that directly relates to them while giving them access and the exclusive privilege to attend any event or artistic production organized by the agency.


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