Guinda Productions

Guinda Productions is fully active in the organization of production -from start to finish- with years of experience and a huge range of very important and successful collaborations.

A sample of our larger clients who have already trust us to set up photo shoots and video

clips for them include clients from Russia, New York and Berlin.

Guinda Productions will offer:


Guinda Productions offers a huge range of models and artists from our wholly owned subsidiary Guinda Artist Agency.



Guinda Productions provides Assistant Directors, Assistant Art Directors, General Assistants, Assistant Photographers, Light & Sound Men, Chef Light & Sound Men etc.

Equipment is available for all above technical services (light, sound etc)



Guinda Productions collaborates with numerous experienced and professional photographers.


MAKE-UP Artists and HAIR stylists

Guinda Productions contracts with professional and experienced Make-Up Artists, Hair Stylists and Assistants with years of experience in the fashion industry (magazines, TV, written press and advertisement).



Greece is without a doubt a place of immaculate beauty and innumerable concealed charms and magical landscapes.

Guinda Productions is capable of finding the most desirable location to cater to your needs (Studio, In-doors or Out-doors).

The Greek islands and beaches are available and have always been ideal locations for photo shooting and video-clips. All Greek cities (South, West and East of the capital), the surrounding mountains, lakes, rivers (rural Greece) and the Centre of Athens (historical sites and well known tourist locations) are also often used and seeked for. 


In addition, Guinda Productions can also provide -based always on your specific needs, wants and desires) luxurious but economic Hotels with special management parcels to cater for your stay, as well as -as an alternative- beautiful secluded Greek Villas with absolute privacy if that is what you need.



Guinda Productions will arrange and fulfill all of your and your team's transport needs to and from Athens-Eleftherios Venizelos airport, as well as to and from and at your chosen location.


Any type of transport needed: luxury vans, buses cars, ships, helicopters and specifically modified caravans for make-up, catering, sleeping in can be arranged. 

Important Note: Transportation for locomotion is always accompanied by fully licensed professional and experienced drivers.



Guinda Productions arranges complete catering management to all staff and artists with special breakfasts, lunches and dinners precisely regulated to the tastes and dietary needs of each and everyone.

There also is an added benefit of a personal chef and/or waiter if requested by VIPs.



Guinda Productions will also provide with additional personal auxiliary, such as cleaners, security, personal assistants and translators.




Guinda Productions can also help you with specifically shaped plans of management for your free time, conducted tours, transports to chosen points of recreational interest (restaurants, bars, clubs etc) as well as arrange special treatment for VIPs.

Greece is without a doubt one of the most beautiful countries in the world!


Guinda Productions invites you to share with us an immaculate, creative landscape that will inspire you!

Join us and experience magical moments of creation and entertainment!


Guinda Productions will help you realise your dream and vision whether it is a fashion show, a cat-walk, a photoshoot, a movie or video clip and organise it with you in a unique, skillful and professional manner.


Welcome to Greece!

Welcome to Guinda Productions!



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